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July 6, 2013
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Myron V1 by Sakura-Pumpkin Myron V1 by Sakura-Pumpkin
[Nov/23/13] Edit: More history updates //rollsaroundandapologizesfortheupdates

♔/:bulletpurple: = New Information

Name: Myron Key
Nickname: Mickey (prefers being called this)
Age: 22 (Birthday passed)
Height: 6'04"
Orientation: Bisexual (He says he's not very picky //shot)
D.O.B.: October 20 ♎
Relationship Status: Forever taken~~~

♥ Pizza (or just about anything that's 'take-away')
♥ Any stupid thing with a mustache on it
♥ All things Black and White
♥ Chopsticks
♥ Pandas
♥ Coffee
♔ Names that start with 'T' (don't even ask---I don't get him either *facestairs* )
♔ Videogames (Pokemon fanboy)
♔ Sleeping anywhere but his bed
♔ Isaac's cooking
♔ Chinese Food
♔ Superheroes :bulletpurple:
♔ Dancing
♔ Space :bulletpurple:
♔ Stars :bulletpurple:

✖ Pears
✖ Cleaning
✖ Waking up early
✖ Sticking to schedules
✖ Being ordered around
✖ Not being able to jot down an idea in time
♔ Brushing his hair (He thinks it's a pain in the ass)
♔ Having his efforts be meaningless / overlooked :bulletpurple:
♔ Rejection (more like he's scared of it)
♔ Being taken for a fool
♔ Forgetting things
♔ Being doubted :bulletpurple:
♔ Winter
♔ Tony :bulletpurple:
♔ Cold

Friendly - Borderline obnoxious and without much limitations, he loves talking to others, getting involved, hanging out and whatever may seem fun to him. If someone (or something of that someone) catches his eye, he won't even bother excusing himself and will start up a conversation without even knowing your name, treating you as if he'd known you all his life.
Relaxed - Worrying? Not exactly his thing...Ain't nobody got time for that He's pretty laid back, seeming to not have a care in the world. He'll handle things calmly and slowly, always thinking there's solution or a way out---unless it's a deadline he had to meet 2 days ago.
Imaginative - Has a very active imagination and puts it to use whenever he can, getting inspiration at random times or from random things, sometimes crafting up an awkward story or theory for how he believes things played out or for an explanation you didn't ask for.
Lazy - Why do today what you can do tomorrow? Basically his philosophy of life, cleaning can wait, homework can wait, showering can wait---virtually everything can and //will// wait on his watch. Because of this he tends to rush everything at the last minute when he realizes he's nearly out of time
Unkempt - Very much a slob, he doesn't care about cleanliness; not just with his room but with himself, he's a very sloppy guy. He's the type who will give the clothes on the floor a sniff to check if they're ok, and sniff himself to see if he needs a shower or if he can skip; he honestly can't be bothered with being neat.  
Unfocused - Days and weeks can pass him by with ease, his attention span is ridiculously low and he shifts from one thing to another in a flash, it's really difficult for him to concentrate or sometimes even remember what he was supposed to do unless it slaps him in the face (sometimes literally)

Just another art student trying to make it to graduate someday. Managing to make it through school without failing (too hard) was already a big success for him but he wanted to try and do a little more for himself, though his parents weren't actually expecting much out of him, other than getting a job and maybe one day introducing them to someone (they're not holding their breath on that one either) His love for art and museums was one thing that seemed to not dim out despite his struggles and overall lack of interest in things, so he decided to try and put some effort into getting in the university and --- somehow staying there until he can finish off his major. Though this sudden burst of dedication came as a surprise to them, his parents decided to support him in his efforts and pay for his tuition, under the condition that he doesn't drop out (or he'll have to pay them back every dime)---Mickey often forgets this little detail....
♔ Over the past few months he's actually made an effort to focus on his university work, of course his lazy habits remain and things still keep being left for the last minute, he's tried to reduce the amount that does get left for last and not be late for work too (stars know he has no clue what day he's living). Still having hopes to make it to graduate (and not have to pay back the tuition to his parents) he's been focusing more on getting his art projects done. His time living alone will come to an end as he's soon to have a roommate for his apartment, his biggest concern so far in regards of this is----what should he buy to put in the fridge, he's not so sure an empty refrigerator would be good for a roommate.

♔ Now having Isaac and his three cats for roommates he's rather happy with the fact that the walls of his apartment don't make as much of an echo and he now has someone to bother talk to when he's home. Though getting used to having a roomie may not be difficult for him, he wonders how Isaac will do; the state of his apartment for sure did not amuse the other but now he earned himself a maid and a chef //shot. After some odd conversation that started out with how Myron wanted to die from sexual exhaustion and turned to his definition of what cute girls and cute guys are; he made some sort of 'agreement' (though they call it a bet / wager) that Myron would be his boyfriend for a month and by the end of the month Isaac would be tired of him. Isaac on his part insisted this is wrong and Myron would be tired of him but they both agreed to this---awkward bet of sort; stupidly enough they didn't even think about what the winner would get. Still haunted by his previous failures in relationships, Myron has taken his 'fake boyfriend' (as he called himself) status seriously and is trying very hard to not let Isaac down, for the sake of not having him think all guys are shit and not ruin it for Isaac when he gets a real boyfriend. He's now freaking out more than usual over forgetting shit---
♔ Due to a series of events that led him getting hit by a car, Myron is currently in the hospital. The fake boyfriend period / bet he had with Isaac came to an end a little earlier than it should've, as a result of yet some more events. The injuries he sustained from the accident have him unable to fully use his right hand/arm and bedridden for some weeks. Myron's demeanor has changed greatly and seeing everything he worked so hard for and that he finally had put some effort into, crumble down; has him under a lot of stress and depressed. Getting a visit from an ex boyfriend he doesn't harbor the best feelings for, hasn't helped much with his state of mind either---

Additional Info: (please don't have your OC assume some of these things ;v;/ )
★ Acts like he's high.
★ Talks like he's high.
★ Looks like he's high.
★ Has actually never in his life been high.
Is a superhero in his head.
★ Not the sharpest tool in the box.
★ He was named after his grandfather.
★ Works part time at a cafe/coffee shop.
★ Doesn't know the meaning of standing straight.
★ It takes him forever and a little more to get up in the morning.
★ Art wise, though he can do several things, he really likes sculpting.
★ Night is probably the only time of the day where he functions properly.
★ The chopstick on his hair is 'for luck' (or so he says, he just lost the other one)
★ Doesn't carry a bag because 'Why use a bag when you got pockets man~....?'.
★ His hair always look like he just got out of bed----because that's exactly how he left it.
★ Has a habit of sticking random shit in his hair (pens, pencils, brushes, chopsticks, straws---)
★ One can't really tell if his hair is really straight or curly, he probably doesn't know anymore either.
★ Hair dyed, alldei, errydei because all the cool kids in the SU are doing it and you're not really in if your hair ain't dyed //shot
★ Though the name 'Mickey' came from his own overactive imagination as a child and thinking his real name was hidden within his name, he continues to use it.
Only answers to being called 'Mickey'. Unless you're a professor or someone who doesn't know his nickname, he won't respond to Myron no matter how much you call him.
★ After voicing he didn't know why he had an old man's name, and finding out who he was named after thanks to embarrassing himself, he told his grandfather 'Gramps---you need a new that doesn't sound so ooooooooooold'
★ Needless to say, his grandfather wants to kick him every time he sees him, Mickey insists he (his grandfather) should definitely get a new, cool name; he still doesn't get why he upsets his grandfather so much if he's just trying to help.
★ How do I fish...?

Tools: SAI
Time: Gotta go fast!
Rushed-crappy art and Myron Key/ 'Mickey' @ Me, :iconsakura-pumpkin:
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