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February 1, 2013
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AxO - Charles N. Summers by Sakura-Pumpkin AxO - Charles N. Summers by Sakura-Pumpkin
LMFAO! Almost 36 hours now and I'm still awake XDD //will regret it tomorrow for sure

Ah~~~ So much for this taking an hour or less---oel--------------After what felt like an eternity-----here's a text wall

[ Because I know this is TL;DR: Omega, goes by Charlie, you can rp him if you'd like 8D ] If you're bored and would like to read then go ahead =v=b

Name: Charles Nicholas Summers (is usually just called Charlie)akaphillipsseme//shotnow
Age: 25 (birthday passed)
Height: 6'01"
Gender: ✦ Penis~ ✦
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual (all he's known till now) / Bi-Romantic (currently aware of this)
Year: 4th ( Senior )
Group: Omega Ω
Major: Computer Engineering
Quote: "What da' royal fuck man??" ● "Shit's messed up bro..." ● "I need coffee or sumthin'..."
Status: Not as single as everyone might think (◡ ‿ ◡ ✿)
Roommate: Marian E. Phillips
Full Body:


Selfless - One of the little bits of his personality that hasn't left him, he has no problem setting himself, his own gains or benefits aside for someone else. He's the type of person who'd give away something he just got or something he himself needs, if it'll benefit or help someone else.
Friendly - Not something very well known on campus or that his face would give a hint of (and possibly neither do his voice or how he talks) he's actually pretty warm and sociable, though he's too self conscious to go after people he'll gladly carry on a conversation or help someone out even if he just met them.
Active - Keeping still isn't really his thing, neither is lazying around, Charlie absolutely needs to be doing something, be it playing, running or pacing, anything works as long as he's not just standing there; sadly not always all of this energy goes into something productive and he'll invest it into other ways of passing time, like pranks.
Irritable - The other side of the coin to his demeanor, just as it is easy to talk to him, it can also be that easy to tick him off, and he won't hold back from letting you know you're annoying him be it verbally or via breaking your nose.
Guarded - He keeps everything personal to himself, even if he were to need someone to talk to or vent, he'd rather bottle everything up, he's very cautious about what he lets others know and if put on a spot where he has no choice but to say something, he'll resort to lying before anything else.
Impulsive - Though this is something that has been causing him to mess up over and over he doesn't seem to fix it. He'll act before thinking of the consequences, throw a punch first and ask questions later or buy a steering wheel cover because it had Batman on it---only to remember when he walks out of the store that he has no car to begin with.


Second youngest child out of three boys, Charles pretty much lived a rather calm life though a house with 4 guys isn't always all too quiet. His parents moved from South Carolina to Otaktay about two years before his older brother was born, in search for another type of environment to raise a family. In an attempt to not feel so far away from home, as English is the main language in the island, they settled down in Pamuy, where there's a small population of Spanish speakers. Born and raised in the island, Charles hasn't known of much outside of Otaktay and can't quite remember the last time he was in South Carolina but he's not bothered by this. Not exactly being from a wealthy family, he didn't have any plans for a higher education after he finished high school, his older brother, Nathanael, had always been the studious and ambitious one, striving to achieve for more, and their parents did all they could to support him financially to achieve his goals. Charles on the other hand, was pretty comfortable with getting odd jobs here and there, helping out the local fishermen or working part time jobs to make ends meet and help his parents. Having received the invitation to Nosh at age 18, he brought it up to his family, his mother was thrilled, his younger brother Gabriel was too busy being young and watching TV to care, but his father, older brother an himself had the same idea----someone must have made a mistake or be completely insane to send someone like him an invitation to 'that' kind of university. They would've expected that for Nathanael but not for Charles, or as his father put it "You'd have to be crazy to invite a kid with no skills like this one"; though they laughed, these words stuck with him.

The invitation was soon forgotten and later on joined a pile of papers, magazines, bills, letters and newspapers where it remained for some time. A year later the invitation resurfaced after his mother whipped every man in the house to clean the place from top to bottom. Wanting to find out if it was a mistake or a joke of some sorts, Charles decided to go look into it, thinking there wasn't much to lose, his parents agreed to take him---as long as he paid for the gas----his pocket wasn't happy with the trip....After some awkward moments, shocked looks, odd glances, several financial arrangements and nights of endless searches for scholarships or magical turtles that'd grant him some luck Charles finally got to settle in Helushka and started studying in Nosh. Time later he managed to get himself a job and a small apartment, though the usual odd glances didn't stop, he was doing pretty well but decided to not attend the next semester after finishing his Junior year. Though he completed the year, he dropped 2 classes and his focus and concentration seemed to be all over the place. Apparently having other plans in mind that didn't include 'wasting time' in Nosh, he focused on working for some time to save up for some odd ideas and plans to further his relationship with his girlfriend whom he started dating not long after he went to Nosh. His parents weren't all too fond with his decision and made sure Charles was aware of this; regardless, he carried on with his own goal. At age 23, for what seemed like no apparent reason to his family, he dropped everything, called off his wedding plans, quit his job and went back to Pamuy to his family. Having a completely different demeanor and a family that wasn't very happy with his poor choices in life and though he certainly had a lot of explaining to do, he said nothing. Of course the lack of explanations only led to long speeches, yelling and constant looks of disappointment, all which seemed to slide right off of him, he only grew cold and distant, caring less and less about everything.

Some months later, cleaning up through his things he found some of his old Nosh papers, feeling like he didn't have anything holding him back anymore he decided to resume his studies and hopefully this time get to finish them. Not getting his parents involved, he used the money he'd been saving up for the wedding to pay for his tuition, and made a mental note not to quit again after having to jump through more hoops than before to find a way to pay for his education. His best friend Frederick, who had also been out of the university for some time due to traveling for reasons Charlie didn't know, was overjoyed to know he'd return. Knowing of Charles' current state, and thinking a distraction and new people in his life would do him good, he tried to get him to join AlphaOmega, thing he had absolutely no interest in so he refused the invitation several times. Of course, he could only handle so much persistence and Frederick, he knew, could be quite the persistent little thing, so only to have him shut up about it and in between a lot of groans, endless complaints, rants and a barrage of curses in both languages he could speak, he got himself dragged into the fraternity by the friend that only then, he knew, would've been one of the leaders but just didn't want to do it----or was too lazy for it, which seemed accurate for Charles. Though he's living in the house, he's still not too thrilled having to share a roof with more than 3 guys that aren't his family and continues to try to figure out where would be the nicest place to hang Fred for getting him to agree to this insane idea of his. With graduation still being something quite far away, Charles is sure, he should expect nothing more than a nightmare from his first semester as a senior-----

❤ Gore
❤ Coffee
❤ Turtles
❤ Streetball
❤ Video games
❤ Cheeseburgers
❤ Dancing (Choreographed dance. Like hell he'd tell you that if he doesn't know you)
❤ Blaming aliens for whatever shit he can't explain in his life (like why can't he find his keys when he's drunk...aliens, obviously
no other logical explanation)

✗ His eyes
✗ Smelling Bad
✗ Fraternity related things
✗ Children (he's terrified of them)
✗ Ice Skating (he fails pretty hard)
✗ Disorganization (neat freak all the way)
✗ Cooking (he can cook but is too lazy to do it)
✗ Having his hair ruffled up (his friends still don't care)

Additional Info:

✬ Can be quite the glutton.
✬ Has 3 tattoos and 5 piercings.
✬ Can't play card games to save his life.
✬ Enjoys blood and violence a little too much.
✬ Actually enjoys exercising and does so regularly.
✬ Has a compulsive need to shower at least twice a day.
✬ Doesn't have a very good reputation, mostly due to rumors.
✬ All his clothes, minus his boxers, are 1-2 sizes over his own.
✬ He's a complete Pokemon nerd (Croagunk boxers anyone? //shot)
✬ His Birthday is on October 31st, he's a fanboy of his own birthday.
✬ Is that weird guy muttering to himself in the back of the classroom.
✬ He doesn't sleep very much and constantly has dark circles under his eyes.
✬ He doesn't really put any interest or effort into anything he does other than games.
✬ It would seem like he can't afford a canvas or a sketchbook because he draws on all his shoes.
✬ He won't make direct eye contact with anyone, if talking, he'll most likely stare at your forehead.
✬ He has some problems with insomnia and his addiction to caffeine doesn't help with his condition.
✬ Does less than reputable things on a computer that don't include browsing for pr0nz just because.
✬ He doesn't care much about his appearance anymore and is pretty comfortable looking like a hobo.
✬ Usually just appears at parties in AO to get some food and sneak back to his dorm to play video games.
✬ Is part a dance crew Freddy and some old high school friends of theirs formed (they call themselves Spades).
✬ Doesn't really care much about the fraternity or his duties to it, and shows little to no dedication or motivation.
✬ Is known in the university as 'the guy with the glare',it's said around campus that it'll curse your unborn children.
✬ The only way he'll speak Spanish is if he's really nervous, or frustrated (he doesn't tell anyone he can speak Spanish)
✬ Is normally by himself wherever he is and will find it very weird if anyone approaches him (he's used to being avoided).
✬ Up to this day, the reasons why he threw his life away remain unknown to anyone other than his older brother and Fred.

Tools: SAI
Time: What.Is.My.Life

Art and Charles Nicholas Summers @ Me, :iconsakura-pumpkin:
//is a happy pumpkin now *hugs her baby, lets him go and rolls around* ヾ(@^∇^@)ノ
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